One Week Old-Ellie’s three Boys (Choco’s Tres Amigos) are AVAILABLE!

Contact me at 314-772-4874 for information about this beautiful, all male, AKC litter.TUX- 1 wk- 14oz.

#1-Black male-Tuxedo- “Tux” for short- has a white blaze on his chest, a touch of white on his chin and white toes. He has put on the weight at a healthy pace and now weighs 14 ounces. AVAILABLE


Champ-1 wk- 14.2 oz.


#2-Cream with white markings- male- Champ, short for “champagne” is showing rich think cream coat with touches of white like highlights. He is an eager eater and growing at a good pace. He now weighs 14.2 ounces. AVAILABLE


Scooter-1 wk- 14.3 oz.#3-White with cream markings, Scooter, is showing signs of warm cream coat and white. He remains the largest of his litter but not by much.  As always, Momma Ellie is excellent at evening out the playing field so they are all about the same weight.  sweet Scooter weighs 14.3 ounces at one week and is AVAILABLE.

These darling little boys will open their eyes in a few days. They have had their dew claws removed and they have been examined by our vet and deemed “healty pups”. Their momma Ellie is an excellent Momma and their sire, Choco, is already taking an interest in their progress. Give us a call so that we can answer your questions about these pups. our procedures and our history as home breeders of our Havanese. 314-772-4874


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