How our Puppy Palace works.

This is our puppy palace.  Notice two stools- one on the outside and one on the inside.  We call the one on the inside the nursing stool. These allow Momma easy access to her pups to nurse, clean and snuggle. When the Momma begins to wean her pups, she can sit there, out of nursing reach, yet still monitor and play with her pups.  The potty pad is covered with cloth, not paper for shredding by the playful pups.  There is a food bowl, a water bowl but also a water bottle.  The bottle is their favorite at first, similar to nursing, but then they prefer the bowl.  Unfortunately, the bowl gets bumped so the water bottle assures that they always have access to a good clean drink. This Palace has easily served as home base for a litter of 6 but is great for just one precious pup.

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  1. HEY THERE … since I designed and built our first puppy palace, we have made several improvements. I would be happy to share insights with any subscribers who want to know more. Just email me – steve at hushharborhavanese dot com.