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Ellie’s pup MAY be a BELTON PARTI

Ellie’s pup is turning three weeks. Her beautiful silky Havanese hair is coming in thick and full.  She is trying to walk and stand. As you saw on this video, she has even tried to bark.  Part of the fun of Havanese is that their coat coloring and markings are always a surprise.  They can change frequently in their lifetime.  Ellie’s pup  is no exception.







Her black mask and ears are staying well shaped and the white around her nose gives her face definition.  But, to our surprise, she is developing spots.  What was once solid white is becoming MORE & MORE spotted!!  I think rather than an extreem piedbald(solid color), She may be a Belton(spotted) Parti (a second color that  parts the dominate solid color)?  Time will tell.  Regardless, she is adorable!!!

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