Jun 13

Wednesday, and still waiting……

Still waiting -)

Jun 13

Hush Harbor Havanese is waiting for its next litter of puppies!

Ellie Perkins, Gracie’s half sister, is due to deliver any time now!

Want to be on our waiting list? Send us your email address or give us a call at  314-772-HUSH (772-4874).

While you wait for the exciting news, take a moment to see some of our pups from past litters. We hope you enjoy the watching of this as much as we enjoyed the making.

(BTW: The song, “You’ve Got A Friend” is used with permission via Apple iPhoto.)

Jun 13

Puppies due any time now!!

Here at Hush Harbor Havanese we work hard to limit it to one litter a year. As many of you know  Gracie is nearing retirement. This most recent litter, Gracie’s Southern Charms, was as healthy and beautiful as her first.  Gracie remains the masterful puppy momma, but  we need to keep her longterm health in mind.  It’s for that reason that about a year and a half ago we  added Ellie, Gracie’s half sister, to our pack.
Ellie has had the luxury of watching Gracie at work for this whole process. (I think Gracie could drive herself and her pups to the vet for her well check by now.)   This last litter sold so quickly and was gone right at nine weeks and was a wonderful experience. About 61 days ago we bred Ellie with our accomplished and loving sire, Poppie . Of course that was a great success. Now we wait for Ellie to whelp.
We do have a few days of waiting in which we can all catch our breath. With the routine fresh on our minds we are  leaving everything set up and ready to go.  That makes things much less complicated. We have seen that our moving Hush Harbor Havanese to Northern Mississippi from urban St. Louis, MO was a good thing.  Our new home works well for us and our Havanese.
So it’s time to let Ellie take a turn being the Hush Harbor Havanese Mommy. We have several folks asking to be notified when she whelps. I will do my best to get word out to each of you but Ellie and her puppies will be the focus of my attention.  Give me a call for information at 314-772-4874 and stay tuned to this blog.  We also have a presence on FaceBook so take a look at our posts at Havanese Puppies from Hush Harbor Havanese.

Meanwhile enjoy looking at all of our past litters and stay tuned 🙂

As for me, I have to hurry up and wait 🙂

Jun 13

We are waiting for ELEGANT ELLIE’S first litter!!

Ellie is expecting!


Elegant Ellie Perkins has had her super-short puppy cut and a nice warm bath.  She has watched her sister Gracie go through this whole process and is ready to give it a go for herself.   Sire Poppie  is  in the Hush Harbor family room just off of the kitchen confident that something big is about to happen!! Gracie has fluffed the bedding in the whelping pan and checked the crate available for Ellie. Gracie is pacing.  Ellie is calm and resting.  Her temp has dropped, the sure sign that time draws near.   We are all set up and ready  and very excited  to meet these new puppies.