Nov 20

No puppies expected for 2020

Timing is everything.

Sometimes the magic works…

Covid has managed to disrupt everything in 2020!

Whichever of these explanations you choose, the reality is that we had to make a difficult decision. I’m very sad to report that, Hush Harbor Havanese was NOT able to successfully breed Lucie and Choco as planned. To those of you on our waiting list, I am truly sorry!
My first concern is the health of my family and pack. When we counted the odds that seemed to be working against us, we were not comfortable taking unnecessary risks to make this happen.
We were concerned about :
the travel necessary- ( the 12 hours of travel in order for Lucie to be with Choco to breed,
the multiple trips necessary to the vets for prenatal and puppy care
and finally meeting with the new Hush Harbor family members and transporting the pups to their new homes in the middle of the continued spread of Covid.)
the danger of exposing our children and their children to Covid– ( two toddlers and two parents working from home)
and finally the thought of not being allowed into the vets office with our Lucie throughout this 18 month process until her pups would be ready to go home.  I am very much a hands on breeder and the idea of pushing Momma and pups out of my car into  a technicians arms to be carried inside without me is just  NOT my style.
We are all healthy and hope you are also,  but frankly, I naively thought this Covid emergency would be more under control by now. Rather, we are seeing a surge in numbers around us. Not what I expected.
We will re-evaluate the situation this spring and perhaps we will be able to safely move forward with our breeding plan for Lucie for her May season.
Meantime, we will miss more new puppies for now but will enjoy our own pack as we continue to do our best to avoid unnecessary risks.
Please, stay safe as we all eagerly await the passing of Covid19 from our daily lives❣️

Jun 20


We plan to breed our chocolate pair in October.

Hush Harbor Havanese has had many requests for our pups in the past couple of weeks. We suggest that you ask to be added to our “will contact” list. Forward us a short description describing the home our pup would be coming to and your preferred contact Information.

How long does it take?

Breed in October.  Whelp 9 weeks later. Pups are ready to leave Hush Harbor in 9 more weeks. (early Feb?) Up to date puppy shots, dew claws removed and well socialized by our Havanese pack and our human family too❣️🐶 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾
Warning- our pups go fast. Our entire litter is normally RESERVED by three weeks.

Let’s stay in touch🐶

Feb 20

Half of our recent litter went to live with siblings. Why?

For the same reason so many other Hush Harbor Families have two!!

Do you have two?  Tell us why!

Feb 20

Lucie’s Chocolate 2019 litter is Home! Everyone is with their family!

Now Hush Harbor Havanese takes a rest and begins a waiting list for next time! 

Send us an email with your contact info and what you are looking for in your forever companion.

Feb 20

Beautiful white chocolate male-SOLD

Our last pup AVAILABE from this litter- SPOT

Ready to go to his forever Family Valentines Weekend!

Jan 20

Spot & Lil’Patches- Last two AVAILABLE

Spot on the left-       AVAILABLE




RESERVED as of 1/29/2020

Patches-   special contract – healthy but under standard size-




We are in the process of coordinating our travel schedule for transfer of Pups to their forever homes.  While delivery is NOT an included expense in cost of pup we do our best to work with our Hush Harbor Family for a safe transfer.  Pups will turn six weeks old tomorrow- Jan. 26.  They begin their puppy shot series TuesdayJan. 28.  They will be released by Hush Harbor at 9 weeks- around Valentines Day. If one of these little guys is your pup, give me a call so we can discuss the pups, the home they would be coming to and our procedures. Havanese are not a common breed and we are not a kennel, but a home.  We breed once a year, so we do not have pups AVAILABLE year around.

Chocolate, AKC registered, shots and deworming as appropriate by age and our best effort to make transfer of your pup stress free. Most of all, our promise that your pup has been born into a loving home setting and will make an incredible life companion for you and your family! Contact us soon.  We have already begun a waiting list for next years litter.


Reverse image look alikes- the large and the small of it❤️

Special contract for Lil’Patches


Jan 20



Jan 20

Two pups still AVAILABLE

Spot- male white and havana brown $1400.00 2. Lady- female white and havana brown-$1550.00


Jan 20

Melba is RESERVED and will be called LUNA.

Jan 20

Three pups still AVAILABLE-

Notice the pups chocolate noses, lips, eye rims and paw pads- they are true chocolates.

Their eyes will turn lilac and then slowly become green or amber.

Their beautiful fur is now becoming feathery and their tails point straight up when they walk.  They are awkward now, but soon they will have that Havanese pop or spring in their step.  Sheer beauties!!Male- Spot   $1400.00


Female- Lady $1550.00


Female- Melba $1500.00

For more information I can be reached at 314-772-4874

Pups will be ready at 9 weeks, near Valentines Day.

AKC limited registration. They ARE cute, but they are so much more!!

Jan 20

Lucie’s 2019 litter turns 3 weeks on Sunday, Jan. 5, 2020


Spot– a male white and Havana Brown Chocolate  has found his feet and is learning how to play today. He lists at $1400.00  AVAILABLE



Melba is a solid Havana Brown Chocolate.  She’s the largest of the litter today at 27.5 ounces.  She is $1500.00  AVAILABLE




is an unusual Red and White chocolate. He is also very active today as he has learned to “run” and play with the other pups. His personality is showing! He weighs 23.7 ounces today. He is listed at $1550.00  RESERVED and he will be called Finnegan.



Lady is an elegant White & Havana Brown Chocolate.  Her markings are beautiful and she has an aura about her that is very “Ladylike”. She is a mid-size in the litter at 22.2 ounces. She is listed at $1550.00  AVAILABLE
















Have questions? Text me, email or give me a call.

Our pups should be ready to come to their forever homes around Valentines Day❤️




Dec 19

Litter 2 weeks old. Chocolate pigment is clear!

Our beautiful litter is clearly chocolate. (The skin pigment.) But their eyes are open and their personalities are blooming!

One solid brown-Poppy– female is RESERVED.





Melba is a bit larger than her  sister- She is a beauty. $1500.00 AVAILABLE

Melba is solid brown except for the tips of her toes and a blaze on her chest and her tiny white chin!





Lady is just that- a beautiful white and brown chocolate with elegant markings. She is $1550.00 AVAILABLE


Champ is a beautiful and unusual white and red chocolate. $1550.00

His red may turn more golden or cream but will always be a highlight to his chocolate eye rims, nose and lips.  His eyes may be green or amber.






SPOT is a darling white with just a touch of brown fur creating his spots. He is chocolate so his eye rims, lips nose and paws with be brown chocolate!  He is $1400.00 AVAILABLE








Finally, Lil’Patches– he is slowly gaining weight but he is VERY small. We are giving him double love and feedings via his Momma and Big Sister Millie, but the boy just remains tiny.  We are not ready to make him available yet. Let’s see if he can’t get a bit more growth going on, then we can list him! (He’s gonna be a doozy because he just does not give up!)


Dec 19

Lucie’s pups are now 10 days old.

Our pups are all chocolate- that is the skin pigment NOT the color of the fur.

All of the pups also have brown markings or are solid brown color in their fur.

They will be registered with AKC as an AKC litter. Both parents are AKC and are beautiful Brown Chocolates.

We will begin shots for the pups at 6 weeks and release them at 9 weeks.

To reserve a pup we require a $500.00 non-refundable deposit.  That amount will be applied to the final price before date of transfer.  Pups will be ready to leave Hush Harbor by Feb. 10th in time for Valentines Day. They will bring with them a lifetime of companionship, loyality and love!

I can be reached by email.

10 days- Lil’Patch

Lil’Patches, second from the left, is very small and we are not yet ready to list him as AVAILABLE. He is a beautiful white chocolate with brown Patches but as our two year old grand daughter says, “He’s just a wittle bitty.” He is mixed in with his litter and getting double feedings. We will continue to keep a close eye on him. He appears to not have any problems except “he is widdle”.


Poppy is RESERVED.


Lady is a beautiful white and brown chocolate female. She is $1550.00  AVAILABLE



Lady- female
White and brown chocolate







Champ is a beautiful white & carmel Chocolate male.  He is $1550.00.   AVAILABLE

Champ – male









Spot-male is a white and brown chocolate.  He is $1400.00    AVAILABLE











Melba’s eyes opened today. She is solid brown with white toes.

She is $1500.00       AVAILABLE


Melba- female
Brown chocolate

Dec 19

Lucie had her six pups on Dec. 15.

Three females and three males

#1- female brown




#2- female

white & brown



#3 solid brown



#4 male

white and brown



#5 male  Champ

white & red

(red may turn to a warm cream color)

#6 male

Lil Patch (very small)

white and brown


If you would like more information, please email me your phone number.

I can be reached at 314-772-4874

I will gladly answer your questions AFTER Christmas. Between the needs of our litter and grand babies visiting for Christmas this is a very busy time.

We do not release our pups until they are 9 weeks, that means they’ll be ready for their forever homes in time for Valentines Day.

We require a $500.00 non-refundable deposit to reserve your pup. Balance is due by date of transfer. We offer a one year health guarantee. Both parents are AKC and our litter will be registered with AKC. We sell with limited registration, meaning no breeding rights.

Prices range from $1300.00 – $1600.00

we are located in northern MS, just 40 minutes south of Memphis.

We wish you a veryMerry Christmas 🎄and look forward to talking with you about our pups in just a few days.🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾



Dec 19

Lucie will deliver her 6 pups within the next week!!

This will be Momma Lucie’s 6th Litter and her third time to mate with Choco Latte. Both parents are beautiful chocolate Havanese.

The pups will be chocolates, meaning their skin pigment will be a deep chocolate.  In the past we have had three white and creams and three Brown and whites.  Both parents are AKC, have had all of their shots and proven to produce beautiful Havanese!

Lucie at 8 weeks

Our pups remain with us until they are 9 weeks old. These should be ready to come home to you around Feb. 19th.  2020

If you are seriously interested in our pups, we will be glad to add you to our “will contact” list. Final prices will not be set until pups are one week old. To reserve a pup, we require a $500.00, non-refundable, deposit.  This will be credited toward the final price and hold your pup as RESERVED, meaning i will no longer list it as AVAILABLE. I can not reserve a pup without the deposit.  I do not advertise but only list with AKC and on my own Website (here). ALL of our pups are normally matched with their forever family by 4 weeks.  Because life is very busy from the moment Momma whelps, you may want to check for updates on the litter via our FACEBOOK account-  HushHarborHavanese

I’ll try to reply to phone calls in a timely manner, but Momma and Babies come first!


It’s an exciting time and we look forward to another beautiful and loving litter of Hush Harbor Havanese from Lucie & Choco.

Lucie’s x-ray at 8 weeks


Lucie & Choco’s last litter as newborns.