Apr 19

Our 2018 litter is now 3 months old❤️

Feb 19

Lucie’s 2018 “all chocolate” litter is happily placed into their forever homes😍

Sorry, No pups available at this time.

We have already started a new waiting list for the end of 2019.  We give our Momma’s a full year to recover from their hard work. Our litters are usually all reserved by the time the pups are three weeks old. If you wish to be placed on our list please email your name, location and contact info.  We’ll be glad to let you know when we are next expecting😊

Jan 19

Last pup RESERVED- Female Brown & Tan/Chocolate

Napping on Mommie Person’s lap

Dec 18

Male- RESERVED and Female-RESERVED Creme Brûlée’s


Brother and sister look like twins. She is smaller than is he. They both appear to be chocolates, that is chocolate skin pigment – nose, paw pads, eye rims. Their fur is a cream color with red or golden highlights. These two are a beautiful pair❤️



Dec 18

Brown & Tan Chocolate female- RESERVED


This beautiful little girl is a Brown & Tan Chocolate.

She looks just like her  Daddy Choco. and big sister Millie.

 .  Here is Daddy in his short puppy cut for summer and Big sister in the background as a pup.



Dec 18

Creme’ Brûlée – Cream & White Chocolate

These are an exquisite pair❤️

Dec 18

#6- white Chocolate female-RESERVED

Dec 18

#4- Female Brown & White Chocolate- RESERVED

#4- Baby girl looks just like Momma Lucie

“Baby Socks” is the reflection of her Momma Lucie seen to the right at nine months .                                     

Dec 18

#1- female Brown & Tan- AVAILABLE

12 days – eyes opened

Dec 18

#3-Brown Chocolate Male-RESERVED

12 days – eyes opened

Dec 18

Our new litter❤️ Chocolate mother and sire!

Pup #1 brown chocolate girl

Pup #2
Cream & white male

Chocolate male

Brown chocolate girl

Cream and white female

    Pup #6

Dec 18

Lucie delivered 6 BEAUTIFUL pups

Born Dec. 4

This was Lucie’s 5th litter. She is an experienced and confident Momma.

She and I worked very well together throughout the welp.

Now I, under the pup’s great grandma Gracie’s supervision, will care for the nursing Momma as she gives her pups100% of her attention.

Want more information?

Drop me an email and I’ll be happy to answer your questions- but we will be on quiet rest for a couple of days🤫





Nov 18

We saw SIX pups on Lucie’s X-ray yesterday❤️

It’s confirmed! Lucie is expecting 6 (six) puppies. Her due date is next Wednesday, Dec. 5th, if not before!
We will be very busy, but will be notifying those folks on our waiting list. Want to be on our list?
Send me your contact info by email
At Karen@HushHarbor.org
Or give me a call at 314-772-4874


Nov 18

Chocolate pups- countdown to whelp.

Here are the proud loving parents of our soon to arrive litter. Momma Lucie is snugging her big tummy close to me. Poppa Chaco is busy caring for the human baby of his household.We expect Lucie to whelp the first week of December😊


Jun 18

No puppies Available at this time

This is a first for Hush Harbor Havanese-
It seems our Momma Lucie’s pregnancy was a false alarm.
To those on our waiting list, we regret that there will be more “waiting” for our next HHH litter.
Lucie is her old playful self and we will adjust our breeding plans in order to maintain the health of our adults AND any future litters.
Please, feel free to contact me at
Karen at HushHarbor dot org
for more information.