Dec 18

#6- white Chocolate female-RESERVED

Dec 18

#4- Female Brown & White Chocolate- RESERVED

#4- Baby girl looks just like Momma Lucie

“Baby Socks” is the reflection of her Momma Lucie seen to the right at nine months .                                     

Dec 18

#1- female Brown & Tan- AVAILABLE

12 days – eyes opened

Dec 18

#3-Brown Chocolate Male-RESERVED

12 days – eyes opened

Dec 18

Our new litter❤️ Chocolate mother and sire!

Pup #1 brown chocolate girl

Pup #2
Cream & white male

Chocolate male

Brown chocolate girl

Cream and white female

    Pup #6

Dec 18

Lucie delivered 6 BEAUTIFUL pups

Born Dec. 4

This was Lucie’s 5th litter. She is an experienced and confident Momma.

She and I worked very well together throughout the welp.

Now I, under the pup’s great grandma Gracie’s supervision, will care for the nursing Momma as she gives her pups100% of her attention.

Want more information?

Drop me an email and I’ll be happy to answer your questions- but we will be on quiet rest for a couple of days🤫





Nov 18

We saw SIX pups on Lucie’s X-ray yesterday❤️

It’s confirmed! Lucie is expecting 6 (six) puppies. Her due date is next Wednesday, Dec. 5th, if not before!
We will be very busy, but will be notifying those folks on our waiting list. Want to be on our list?
Send me your contact info by email
At Karen@HushHarbor.org
Or give me a call at 314-772-4874


Nov 18

Chocolate pups- countdown to whelp.

Here are the proud loving parents of our soon to arrive litter. Momma Lucie is snugging her big tummy close to me. Poppa Chaco is busy caring for the human baby of his household.We expect Lucie to whelp the first week of December😊


Jun 18

No puppies Available at this time

This is a first for Hush Harbor Havanese-
It seems our Momma Lucie’s pregnancy was a false alarm.
To those on our waiting list, we regret that there will be more “waiting” for our next HHH litter.
Lucie is her old playful self and we will adjust our breeding plans in order to maintain the health of our adults AND any future litters.
Please, feel free to contact me at
Karen at HushHarbor dot org
for more information.

Jul 17

Headed to their FOREVER FAMILY tomorrow😂- NO PUPS AVAILABLE.


On Sunday, July 30th, Bandit and his little sister Bailey headed HOME.

As with every litter, we at Hush Harbor have ALL focused on these little ones.  It’s a team effort here between myself, my husband, our adult daughters and their families, along with our adult pack of Havanese. We have enjoyed these pups! It IS sad to say good-bye to them; but, it will also give us great joy to pass that pleasure on to their “ready and waiting” forever family. It is VERY fulfilling to see another family light up with smiles and excitement as they begin this new life with their Havanese!
We gain new friends as our Hush Harbor Havanese “family” grows❤️




Every litter is different, but the joy of the journey with them is always a sweet one!  We love you Bandit and Bailey!!

Jun 17

Lucie’s litter of two is getting their feet!

These two have open eyes and are now beginning to creep about on their feet. They will soon be ready to move into our Puppy Palace with their Momma. Also notice their beautiful silky thick hair.


May 17

Both pups are RESERVED!

While this litter is small in number, they are amazing in markings and color!

The little male pup seems to be a Red Sable, taking after his Poppa Poppie. So far, we believe he will have black skin pigment, but it’s hard to tell at this early stage.


Our sweet little female appears to be a rare white chocolate. (White and cream coat and chocolate skin-nose, lips, eye rims and pads of her paws). Her eyes will open in about three days and we will be able to determine if she is indeed a chocolate like her beautiful Momma Lucie. These two make for a stunning pair!!

May 17

Four days old and thriving!


Both of the pups have gained 4 ounces in four days. They got their dew claws removed yesterday, so they are tired out from the trip to the vet. Their skin pigment is beginning to come in, so now we wait to see if they are chocolates like their Momma Lucie!

May 17

Day three- pups are resting on their own!

  • Momma Lucie has the pups up to 11.6 and 8.7 ounces already, so they are able to sleep on their own without constant nursing. This normally takes about 5 days not three. These two pups most definitely have the cream of the feeding line!

May 17

Lucie whelped on Tuesday, May 23rd

•We had two pups in this litter-

firstborn was a beautiful male – white with brown and sable patches and second was a beautiful cream or white female.

I will wait for the skin pigment to come in before I price the pups. The male may be a chocolate like his Momma, Lucie.

call 314-772-4864 for more information🐶❤️