No puppies expected for 2020

Timing is everything.

Sometimes the magic works…

Covid has managed to disrupt everything in 2020!

Whichever of these explanations you choose, the reality is that we had to make a difficult decision. I’m very sad to report that, Hush Harbor Havanese was NOT able to successfully breed Lucie and Choco as planned. To those of you on our waiting list, I am truly sorry!
My first concern is the health of my family and pack. When we counted the odds that seemed to be working against us, we were not comfortable taking unnecessary risks to make this happen.
We were concerned about :
the travel necessary- ( the 12 hours of travel in order for Lucie to be with Choco to breed,
the multiple trips necessary to the vets for prenatal and puppy care
and finally meeting with the new Hush Harbor family members and transporting the pups to their new homes in the middle of the continued spread of Covid.)
the danger of exposing our children and their children to Covid– ( two toddlers and two parents working from home)
and finally the thought of not being allowed into the vets office with our Lucie throughout this 18 month process until her pups would be ready to go home.  I am very much a hands on breeder and the idea of pushing Momma and pups out of my car into  a technicians arms to be carried inside without me is just  NOT my style.
We are all healthy and hope you are also,  but frankly, I naively thought this Covid emergency would be more under control by now. Rather, we are seeing a surge in numbers around us. Not what I expected.
We will re-evaluate the situation this spring and perhaps we will be able to safely move forward with our breeding plan for Lucie for her May season.
Meantime, we will miss more new puppies for now but will enjoy our own pack as we continue to do our best to avoid unnecessary risks.
Please, stay safe as we all eagerly await the passing of Covid19 from our daily lives❣️

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