Lucie’s pups are now 10 days old.

Our pups are all chocolate- that is the skin pigment NOT the color of the fur.

All of the pups also have brown markings or are solid brown color in their fur.

They will be registered with AKC as an AKC litter. Both parents are AKC and are beautiful Brown Chocolates.

We will begin shots for the pups at 6 weeks and release them at 9 weeks.

To reserve a pup we require a $500.00 non-refundable deposit.  That amount will be applied to the final price before date of transfer.  Pups will be ready to leave Hush Harbor by Feb. 10th in time for Valentines Day. They will bring with them a lifetime of companionship, loyality and love!

I can be reached by email.

10 days- Lil’Patch

Lil’Patches, second from the left, is very small and we are not yet ready to list him as AVAILABLE. He is a beautiful white chocolate with brown Patches but as our two year old grand daughter says, “He’s just a wittle bitty.” He is mixed in with his litter and getting double feedings. We will continue to keep a close eye on him. He appears to not have any problems except “he is widdle”.


Poppy is RESERVED.


Lady is a beautiful white and brown chocolate female. She is $1550.00  AVAILABLE



Lady- female
White and brown chocolate







Champ is a beautiful white & carmel Chocolate male.  He is $1550.00.   AVAILABLE

Champ – male









Spot-male is a white and brown chocolate.  He is $1400.00    AVAILABLE











Melba’s eyes opened today. She is solid brown with white toes.

She is $1500.00       AVAILABLE


Melba- female
Brown chocolate

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