No puppies AVAILABLE at this time- sorry.


While Poppa Poppie (left) is perfectly willing to sire another litter img_9082now,  we believe it best for Momma Lucie (right) to take a break. She is in heat now, but we are working hard to keep her from breeding. Of course we love producing our beautiful Havanese puppies, but our pack is part of our family. Their health always comes first! So, Momma Lucie is resting and we will most likely allow Poppie and her to breed next heat in 6 months, around mid-March. That means we may have another litter of beautiful Poppie/Lucie Havanese in late May- ready to go to their new homes in August. Great timing because it allows you to take those summer trips but get your puppy before the Fall rush hits. Feel free to join our growing waiting list by sending us an email telling us how to best reach you. And of course, we always enjoy having a phone conversation  in order to get to know you and what you are looking for in your new “family member.”

Meanwhile, I encourage you to scroll back through ALL of our past litters. I think after you do you will agree that Hush Harbor Havanese really ARE “so much more than just a cute little dog”!




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