Lucie’s litter will spend the next two weeks getting ready to go “HOME”!

Hush Harbor Havanese is a family affair.  We began as a husband, wife and daughter team.  WE have now added a son-in-law to the team!  We also have a multi-generational Pack.  Our Havanese Pack works hard to teach our “little ones” how to be well behaved Havanese.  That is why we keep our pups until they are nine weeks old.  We feel that this next 4 weeks are critical!

The litter spends nearly three weeks in the safety of their roomy whelping pan, located near our bedroom.  From there they are moved into their “Puppy Palace”, shone in several of the photos in this website.  At six weeks, the pups experience much change.  They go to the vet for their first round of puppy shots, they transition from puppy mush to dry puppy food and their Momma slowly but deliberately weans them.

Now they are ready for short  times of “free play” along with the rest of the pack in a real living room.  Now they will learn how to be well mannered Havanese.  It looks like wild play, which it is, at first.  But slowly we all work together to teach the pups how to behave in this new environment. It takes us all- myself, my husband, the Momma and Poppa, and with this litter we have the help of big sister, Millie.  That is all part of the plan- Millie is being trained how to be a good baby sitter now, but this will serve to teach her how to be a good Momma when her time is right.  From generation to generation.  Oh, and did I mention that we also have great-grandma Grace who steps in when she feels that we are lacking in any way.

Enjoy this video- notice that Poppa Poppie has decided it’s time for the pups to be less rowdy and a bit more respectful.  Thanks Poppie- they were just a bit over the top.

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