Hush Harbor Havanese has no more pups AVAILABLE.

Once again, all of our pups have been placed before they celebrate their 5th week.

The 4 pups from Lucie’s litter and the 3 from Ellie’s are ALL RESERVED!

We are blessed to know that they have each found their forever homes.  We will spend the next month working to:   socialize them, start them on their puppy vaccinations, monitor their food,  regulate their play time and help them adjust to the use of their potty pad.

Our pack of adult Havanese will teach them to be well behaved Havanaese.  Their Momma Lucie and big sister Millie will spend hours playing and conducting puppy pre-school, as will Momma Ellie and Daddy Chaco with their litter.

Then, when they turn 9 weeks we say good-bye.  We are able to do so because by then we will have made new Hush Harbor Family friends.  We will hae had many conversations and discussions and gotten to know the new family members as our own friends. How can we NOT spread the joy of our Hush Harbor Havanese with these expectant new friends??

If you would like to join our, already begun, waiting list for our next season of pup next spring, please contact us here at


Patches and his three sisters!

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