Sadie-Joy takes the work of being a loving companion seriously!

I just learned that one of our ‘Hush Harbor” Families” has had some bad news.

Misty wrote, 
“My oldest daughter got in a horrible accident on January 29th. A truck struck her at 50 mph as she was walking across the street in a crosswalk. Sadie the therapy dog to the rescue. It’s all Emma has been asking for.”

Sadie Joy   You may remember her as “Joy” born in Gracie & Poppie’s 2013 litter called “Gracie’s Southern Charms”.

When I try to explain about what makes a Havanese so different, to define their character, I try to explain that they approach life as a “working class” dog.  Their work is to be a loving companion, whatever the circumstances. They take this work VERY seriously! We don’t send them to school to learn this .  Like Sadie, it’s not how they act, it’s WHAT THEY LIVE FOR!!

We are so glad that “Sadie-Joy” takes her “job” so seriously!!

Good Job, Sadie!!


Sadie-Joy at  work

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