Meet Our New Chocolates











As many of you know, we have just completed a busy summer with two litters of pups. We are used to litters of 6 at a time, but Gracie our original Hush Harbor Dame, is slowing down and having three pups at a time. She had three beautiful pups in March, but only three.  Her half-sister, Ellie, whelped for the first time in June; she gave us one beautiful little girl pup. After much deliberation we have decided to let Gracie and Poppie have one more litter the beginning of 2014 , and then Gracie WILL be retiring.  We will also be breeding Ellie  later next year. Right now, we are on a “time out” while everyone takes a rest. Meanwhile, I will be working with Gracie’s grandson, Choco Latte, and our new little girl, LucyLu who just arrived from Florida.   As you can see they are both beautiful chocolates!   We will focus on basic training and integrating them into our family and pack while assuring ourselves that they are good candidates to breed.   Then, when the time is just right late in 2014, we hope to have a whole litter of chocolates available. So keep you eyes on us next year.  If you have always meant to get one of our Gracie & Poppie pups, this will be your last chance. It will be exciting to see how many beautiful Ellie Pups we will have. And we MAY be offering CHOCOLATES next year. Once again, at Hush Harbor Havanese we say,”They really ARE so much more than just a cute little dog!!” Just ask our Hush Harbor Havanese families. It’s not too soon to get on our waiting list!  Email me or call at 314-772-4874. Choco-72Lucy-Best-72

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