Deacon has his ticket and is waiting to go HOME to Philadelphia!

Deacon is 6 weeks old now.

6 weeks- 3 more weeks to wait?? He has had his first round of puppy shots, is beginning to enjoy hard puppy food and is in the process of being weaned.  He still sleeps often and plays hard when he is awake.  He uses his potty pad “most” of the time.

He has discovered his crate.  It remains open inside the puppy palace and he can come  and go from it as he pleases. This is the very crate in which he will fly to his new family in Philadelphia on May 24th.

Between now and then, Gracie will continue to teach the puppies how to bahave. She will monitor their play and continue to see to it that they are kept clean.  Deacon is no longer and infant but a full fledged toddler!!

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