Call today to reserve Barkley!

Barkley is the last pup available from Gracie’s Southern Charms.

Barkley is 4 weeks old and weighs 31 ounces4 weeks-available.

His beautiful Havanese silky fur is coming in and the champagne highlights on his ears and eyes are elegant. He has a very classic look about him.

He is learning to play and romp with his sister and brother and his little baby bark makes me smile.

He reminds us of  Bud from Gracie’s Bouquet, Fiji and Boo from Gracie’s Gig  , Nicholas from Gracie’s Joy and Bonnie from Gracie’s Trio.

Check out those pups from past litters to get and idea of how Barkley will look as he grows up.  Beautiful!!

4 weeks-2

4 weeks-4 available

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