Max is HOME!!

Max made his big tip home to Minnesota this weekend.  He is adjusting very well and got a GREAT report from his new vet. We are ALL very happy.  Here’s what his “Mommy Person” had to say:

 “Hi Karen! We have just returned from the vet w/ a great report on Max!  He weighed 4 lb 7 oz. And I almost didn’t leave with him- as he melted so many hearts there!  He is adjusting very well to our household and Lilly (our older cocker spaniel)- sleeping very well in his kennel and only using the potty pad in his “palace” and outside. Many thanks for this well loved, adorable dog. To put it the way the vet said it- “I have seen many puppies, but this one looks like he was raised on a featherbed” 🙂 – meaning by loving people- and that we chose a very good breeder-
And I second that!
Love from Max.. and us!”

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