We will have another litter of Gracie’s precious puppies-May 5

Our “sweet” Gracie is having pups again. SURPRISE!

She and our little sire, Poppy, managed to see to it that we will NOT be taking a break this spring …but… we will be having another beautiful litter of Havanese around May 5th.
Because this is two litters in a row for Gracie we will be taking measures to prevent her from having another litter this year. If you know that you want a pup from Gracie & Poppy, now is the time.
We just returned from the OBGYN Vet. We saw at least 5 pups on the ultrasound. The vet says that Gracie is very healthy and obviously handles her role very well:)
She literally walks around with a smile on her face!
If you already know what you are looking for, I’d suggest that you let me know now. I have several folks on the waiting list. Once the pups have arrived I will be taking deposits to hold the dog of your choice until they are ready to travel to you at 9 weeks.
Feel free to give me a call at 314-772-4874
Right now, we just wait.  Due date is May 5th.
So, ready or not….here we go.    Spread the word 🙂
We hope to have all of these pups placed by the time they are ready to travel the 1st week of July.

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