Jan 20

Two pups still AVAILABLE

Spot- male white and havana brown $1400.00 2. Lady- female white and havana brown-$1550.00


Jan 20

Melba is RESERVED and will be called LUNA.

Jan 20

Three pups still AVAILABLE-

Notice the pups chocolate noses, lips, eye rims and paw pads- they are true chocolates.

Their eyes will turn lilac and then slowly become green or amber.

Their beautiful fur is now becoming feathery and their tails point straight up when they walk.  They are awkward now, but soon they will have that Havanese pop or spring in their step.  Sheer beauties!!Male- Spot   $1400.00


Female- Lady $1550.00


Female- Melba $1500.00

For more information I can be reached at 314-772-4874

Pups will be ready at 9 weeks, near Valentines Day.

AKC limited registration. They ARE cute, but they are so much more!!

Jan 20

Lucie’s 2019 litter turns 3 weeks on Sunday, Jan. 5, 2020


Spot– a male white and Havana Brown Chocolate  has found his feet and is learning how to play today. He lists at $1400.00  AVAILABLE



Melba is a solid Havana Brown Chocolate.  She’s the largest of the litter today at 27.5 ounces.  She is $1500.00  AVAILABLE




is an unusual Red and White chocolate. He is also very active today as he has learned to “run” and play with the other pups. His personality is showing! He weighs 23.7 ounces today. He is listed at $1550.00  RESERVED and he will be called Finnegan.



Lady is an elegant White & Havana Brown Chocolate.  Her markings are beautiful and she has an aura about her that is very “Ladylike”. She is a mid-size in the litter at 22.2 ounces. She is listed at $1550.00  AVAILABLE
















Have questions? Text me, email or give me a call.

Our pups should be ready to come to their forever homes around Valentines Day❤️




Dec 19

Litter 2 weeks old. Chocolate pigment is clear!

Our beautiful litter is clearly chocolate. (The skin pigment.) But their eyes are open and their personalities are blooming!

One solid brown-Poppy– female is RESERVED.





Melba is a bit larger than her  sister- She is a beauty. $1500.00 AVAILABLE

Melba is solid brown except for the tips of her toes and a blaze on her chest and her tiny white chin!





Lady is just that- a beautiful white and brown chocolate with elegant markings. She is $1550.00 AVAILABLE


Champ is a beautiful and unusual white and red chocolate. $1550.00

His red may turn more golden or cream but will always be a highlight to his chocolate eye rims, nose and lips.  His eyes may be green or amber.






SPOT is a darling white with just a touch of brown fur creating his spots. He is chocolate so his eye rims, lips nose and paws with be brown chocolate!  He is $1400.00 AVAILABLE








Finally, Lil’Patches– he is slowly gaining weight but he is VERY small. We are giving him double love and feedings via his Momma and Big Sister Millie, but the boy just remains tiny.  We are not ready to make him available yet. Let’s see if he can’t get a bit more growth going on, then we can list him! (He’s gonna be a doozy because he just does not give up!)


Oct 19

Puppies after Christmas? Time for Lucie to spend time with Choco❤️

It is time for our Momma Lucie and Poppa Choco to spend a little time together. We hope this will result in another beautiful litter of Chocolate Havanese soon after Christmas.  If you are on our waiting list,  get ready to start waiting🥰

Poppa Choco