Jan 11

Jitter Bug / Gracie

If we ever decide to make our house a 2-dog household, there is no question where we will get our second pup!

As first-time dog owners, we were nervous about finding a breeder we trusted. We had heard accounts of unethical breeders and did not want to support a business that harmed animals in any way.  We felt so lucky to have found Hush Harbor!  Karen breeds her own dogs, and the puppies are raised in her own home.  The pups are used to a home environment from the very start, which was very important to us.

When we picked up Gracie, Karen gave us a tutorial on things we should know about Havanese and puppies in general. She gave us Gracie’s medical records, which our vet later said were “meticulously kept”.  He added that we found a very good breeder.  Overall we felt that Karen raised the puppies in a loving environment and truly cared about their well-being.

We can’t say enough about the Havanese breed. Gracie is 6 months old now and is exactly what we were looking for in a dog: she is sweet, responsive, fun-loving, and always up for a cuddle.  When we walk her we are almost always stopped by strangers asking “what kind of dog is that?”  Gracie has been excellent with our 4-year old, never biting or nipping.  She has never had an accident in her crate, and seems to enjoy the privacy her crate provides.  Housebreaking is going very well (another item we were nervous about!).  She has even learned a handful of tricks!

Overall we are delighted with the whole experience and feel very fortunate to have found Hush Harbor Havanese.

  • Emily

Jan 11

Bee Bop/Gracie Ann

from Doris in Cincinatti:

If anyone is considering the purchase of a Havanese puppy, we highly recommend Hush Harbor as a reputable, honest, knowledgeable and informative source (both before and after our purchase).  We couldn’t be happier with our decision to purchase from Hush Harbor.

It is our great pleasure to tell the world how very happy that we are with our little Havanese (Gracie-Ann, aka Bee Bop) that we purchased from Hush Harbor Havanese on August 28, 2010.  We are an older couple and we have owned Pomeranians for more than 40 years. When we lost our last Pom in July 2010, we wanted another puppy but were afraid to get another Pom because of the health related issues we’d struggled with in our Poms.  A close family member recommended the Havanese breed. We had never heard of this breed but decided to check it out.  We started searching the internet and found Hush Harbor Havanese.  We drove to St. Louis on August 28, to pick up our baby and we have been delighted ever since.  Gracie-Ann is the light of our lives and she is everything that was promised by Hush Harbor Havanese.

She is gorgeous, extremely intelligent, playful and most of all, healthy.  She is extremely affectionate and loves everyone she meets, especially children.  She is constantly doing something that makes us laugh.

Jan 11

Fiji & Boo

You guys did a great job!  THANK YOU!!


These are the best pups we have ever had! They are very smart (and now spoiled!). They keep me sane during the day now that I am disabled. What a pair they are. Even though I have to get up at 4 a.m., they are happy to greet me every morning.

They’re the best!! Keep in touch, friends.

Glenn Z.

Happy Dad to these Havs

Jan 11


Last year in August I began searching for a 1Yr anniversary present for my wife.  I, of course, wanted something different and thought of a puppy.  It will definitely be an anniversary to remember.

I found Hush Harbor Havanese via their website. I called and immediately established a great rapport with them.  I found them knowledgeable, concerned about who was getting there puppies, friendly and funny.  I fell in love with the Puppy and proceeded to make arrangements to have her shipped from St Louis to Tampa, Florida.  Everything worked absolutely perfect and the puppy whose name is now Mila was smiling and wagging here tail the moment I picked her up at the airport.

Mila has been an absolute doll and I can only say that if you are looking for a companion or a friend you are at the right place.  Also if you are looking for an easy, professional, friendly experience with no reservations or fear HUSH Harbor Havanese is for you.


Aug 09

About Pablo In Detroit …


I’m writing to tell you what a pleasure it has been dealing with you. Right from the first phone conversation, I knew that I was dealing with professionals that had a genuine love for the dogs. From our discussions, to the contract, to the delivery of Pablo to Detroit MetroAirport, the entire process was first class.

You were very kind and considerate regarding my wife’s battle with cancer and the recent and totally unexpected loss of our Coton de Tulear, Jack. As you know, we were devastated when Jack passed. He set the bar very high.

Pablo is his own man and we enjoy him tremendously.

I think he is growing fond of us too! What a charmer he is.

Everyone that meets him falls in love immediately.

He is healthy and happy and we look forward to a long and loving relationship.

Michael in Detroit

Michael in Detroit writing again.

The vet just left. She said Pablo is an amazing dog. Muscular and strong (wrestling with his Dad), very healthy.

Not only beautiful but a great disposition as well. He weighs 4 pounds, 8 ounces. She estimates he’ll grow to 10 / 12 pounds. Perfect.

Rest assured, he is getting unconditional love and the best care possible. If there is reincarnation, I want to come back and be him!

I’ll stay in touch. Thanks again. 

Jun 09

Dandy Dandi-Lion – With Two Girls and a Pool!

 Dandi DandiLion has moved to Florida, where she with two little girls to call her own. She has started learning to swim in the family pool. What a joy! Here is what her new mommy person wrote us after two days with Dandi









“June 2009

Dandi did great at her Doctor appointment. She had her rabies shot, and we made a tentative appointment for spaying in August. The Animal Advocate at the vet’s office was very impressed by your paperwork and said we had an excellent, caring breeder. I already knew that.

BTW, Dandi slept all night until 10 this morning.

I have a friend who may call you for one of his own Havanese puppies.”

More later, J.


Here she is a few months later, a bit more mature.

Apr 09

Tessie “Two-Boys”,

at home in western Missouri 

April, 2009

Tessie is doing great, adjusting to her new home. She’s a funny little thing! She LOVES to be outside and just runs through the grass as fast as she can…..she looks like a rabbit trying to jump over some of the grass!

Her favorite toy is one of the boys old pull toys, it’s a puppy that you pull around on a string and it barks. She puts the string in her mouth and pulls it around and she’s SO PROUD! I’m sure she misses her birth family, but she is happy to be here now.

(from Tessie’s new mommy

person in western Missouri)

Apr 09

Rubi, Rubi, Rubi … Rubi, will you be mine?

April, 2009span

“Rubi is doing great! The vet said she was in good health.

Thanks again for all your help raising her and getting her to NJ. 

Rubi knows the whole house now and can even go up a flight of stairs, but is too scared to come down by herself. My son loves her to death. We have taken her everywhere we go, even grocery shopping.

And of course she is a big hit at the office! She and her sister Lily run all over together.

You were right, Rubi is a very loving puppy. It’s amazing how quickly they become attached to their people, and how smart they are. Rubi knows several commands (not that she listens all the time). I put her crate next to our bed and now she doesn’t cry at night.

She loves running around our property – its hysterical! We did spring yard work last weekend and she was right there with us.

Thanks again for all your help.

from Julie in NJ


Apr 09

We’re Loving Little Kona!

April, 2009

What a doll she is!

Her favorite things to do so far are to follow me everywhere I go around the house and sleep on my lap 🙂 She slept really well last night in her little playpen and is really enjoying exploring her new home. 

This morning she was really hungry and ate a good breakfast.

Thank you again so much for raising such wonderful little dogs and for taking such good care of them!! You can tell that she is very much used to being around people and is well socialized. 

She gives us hugs and kisses all day long and is definitely feeling more comfortable here. She really loves her new toys as well and has made it her personal goal to chew the tail right off her little bear 🙂

We went to the vet today and she is in top shape. I can’t tell you how much we love her and how PERFECT of a match she is for us

Well, I’m off to snuggle with my little girl… 🙂

Kona’s Happy Mommy In Colorado 

And here is her recent picture. She is becoming a beautiful silver. Spectacular!!

Apr 09

Piper: Prettiest Gem in This House

April, 2009

Thank you for puppy sitting Piper while I finish this month’s residency training at the hospital! I am eagerly anticipating Pipers arrival in my home. I purchased matching pink bedding, feeding bowls, toys, blankets, and a carrier and have the items placed around the house so that I can imagine she is already present.

Piper is such a sweet little girl and will be the prettiest gem among all of her pink toys! 

Again, thank you so much for working with me so that Piper may become part of my family. I have greatly enjoyed getting to know you and your dogs and look forward to our meeting again in a few days. 

I greatly appreciate your generosity in meeting up with me on so many occasions so that I may visit with Piper before I am able to bring her home. These meetings are amazing and the best days of my week!

A Happy Doc In Residency in St Louis

Apr 09

Lily, The Office Girl

April, 2009

I’m dropping you a line about wonderful little Lily. She is adjusting quite well to her new home. Thank you so much for the care you gave her. Your care is quite evident because she is soooo sweet and lovable.

Lily goes everywhere with us. She even went to the mall & the food store over the weekend. She sat in a little “over the shoulder” bag, peeking her little head out so that she didn`t miss anything. She is sleeping through the night and is doing well with the crate.

Lily just loves her sister Ruby. They play hard together when Julie brings Rubi to the office.

Thanks for all the TLC you gave her.

 Sincerely , Karen in NJ

NOTE: Rubi’s Mommy Person and Lily’s Mommy Person both work in the same medical office, where the Doctor also owns a Havanese and brings HER to the office!