Apr 14

The pair, Marley & Foster, are busy doing what they do best!

Twice the comfort



We are getting good reports from Baby Gracie & Sparkey’s family.  They flew to their new home last Thursday.

The pups are now called Marley and Foster!

They are adjusting to their home well and are getting lots of love and attention from their Mommy & Daddy Person, not to mention their 6 children.

But this photo best demonstrates the heart and soul purpose or “work” of a Havanese, to offer comfort!

They can “bring to life” those hearts and minds that are otherwise quiet. Here they are enjoying their own “Grandma Person”, but seemed to touch a special place  in everyone on the Alzheimer’s floor where she resides.

Once again, “thank you” Poppie and Gracie!  You gave us some wonderful pups!

Good job Marley and Foster.

Hush Harbor Havanese really are

 “So much more than just a cute little dog!”Easter Pair

Apr 14

Roy Jr. has our undivided attention!

Roy Jr& coffeeRoy Jr. 10 weeksWhile we certainly miss the other three pups from Gracie’s Last Litter, we are having a lot of fun giving Roy Jr. some undivided attention. His new “Mommy Person” could not arrange her schedule in order to receive him at the same time  the others left us, so…we get to enjoy him for a few more days.  He is learning to follow the adult Havanese, to sit quietly on my lap in the morning for coffee and to play or rest in the porto-crib near us in the evenings. He has already begun to develop the ability to be on his own away from his litter mates and is no longer upset at night without them. Only four more days and then I will have to also let him go. Bittersweet, for sure, but I have the confidence that he will be ready to make the transition and will make his new home a much happier one!!

Apr 14

Bath day at Hush Harbor!

Three clean pups

Today we introduced the three pups still here with us to a lifelong habit-bath & combing day.

They NEEED the bath because they love to lay on their potty pad, stinky! They also NEED to get used to being combed. They really don’t have much “dead hair” on them yet, but unless we start now, they will resist being combed. Their under coat collects all of the released dander and “sheded hair”, thus they are considered non-shed dogs. You MUST collect that dead hair or else they will become matted and dirty looking. The beauty of a hypo-allergenic dog is that the dander and dropped hair is NOT dropped. If a family member is allergic, just be sure to do this procedure away from that family member’s living area. The silky beautiful Havanese hair is easy to keep clean and beautiful if YOU comb frequently.

Start earlyI use any tear free baby shampoo for my pups and on faces of adult dogs. I also wash around the eyes with the tear free shampoo to remove any dried matter.

I comb, I do not brush-personal preference.


I dry with a blow drier careful to keep one hand on the area I’m drying in order to not burn the pup. They love the rubbing and stroking.

BD:SparkeyBD:Roy Jrbath:Baby Grace bath day



Pretty pups appreciate being clean-HONEST!

Apr 14

Casper left with his new family today!

Casper  Today was a very special day. Casper, the largest of the litter, left us to go and join his new family. It was fun to meet with Emily, her Mom and her Grandma. We know that Casper will be well loved and taken care of with great care. It’s a bit more quiet around here now. The beginning of the end of “Gracie Puppies” here at Hush Harbor.  You are a sweet boy Casper!

Apr 14

The Babes are becoming little “doggies” at 7 weeks old.

 At 7 weeks old the pups now are much more active.  They recognize the sound of my bedroom door opening in the morning, they LOVE to eat soft puppy food, they interact with toys and each other with a “plan” in mind and they enjoy discovering just how fast they can scamper, I mean run 🙂 They use their potty pad nearly every time they need to potty, but still love to also lay on it and wrestle on it! Oh well, we have a little more time to sort that out.

We are in the process of making travel arrangements for them all four to go to their new homes in just two more weeks! Gracie continues to watch them and check on them, but she rarely nurses them now. They are good babies and even though they play hard, they also still take long quiet naps. They are darling!!!!


Mar 14

“They look great!’, says the Doc at 6 week well baby check up!

The puppies went to our Vet for their six week “well baby check up” yesterday. They got their first puppy shot in the series. They have already been wormed twice, just as a precaution, and everyone looks GREAT!

Roy Jr. 6 weeks


Roy Jr. remains the smallest of the litter but he is gaining weight at the same pace as the others. He now weighs 34.2 ounces- yep 2 pounds!! He is a sweet boy, he loves to play but he also enjoys just finding a quiet corner and relaxing.








Baby Grace-2

Baby Gracie  is small but can muster up the energy and spirit to keep up with her brothers.   She weighs 35 ounces. She calls out to me about once a day to be held for just a minute of private time with Mommy Person. This is very much a characteristic she gets from her Momma Gracie.  ALL of the pups are held for extended time each day, so this is NOT a cry of neglect. She is  just keeping everyone straight as to who is the female puppy in charge of this litter 🙂






Casper 6 weeks


Casper is the biggest of the litter. He weighs 44 ounces. He has an equally big heart and is VERY affectionate. He loves to play with the other pups but enjoys people time as well. He is going to be a GREAT snuggle bunny and will be the perfect companion for his people.







Sparky 6 weeks


Sparky remains the instigator of the litter. If everyone is resting he does not mind waking  them up for a good hard play time! He weighs 39.5 ounces and gained the most of the litter this past week adding a full 7 ounces to his weight.  He is also very affectionate with his mates and his people.  He will do well with his sister Gracie. I think the pair will keep each other in check!


Mar 14

Moving Day- from the PortoCrib to the Puppy Palace!

Our litter is now 5 weeks old. They are ready to move to their large Puppy Palace. From here they will have room to run and play, to learn to potty on their potty pad, to eat puppy mush from a plate, to drink from a water bottle and a bowl and to cuddle up beneath their Momma Gracie’s stool for a nice warm nap.

Gracie is free to come and go via her two stool set up. Notice how she watches the pups from her nursing stool. We call it this because it allows her freedom to nurse when SHE determines is appropriate, not the pups. She does this by simply resting atop the stool out of their reach. She is still fully engaged in the work of being a good Mom. She cleans up after then, bathes them, nurses and cuddles them and monitors play keeping things from getting too rough.

Notice, also, Lucy Lu on guard outside of the Palace. Lucy is observing how to be a good Mom. She will actually assist Gracie serving as a sort of intern. All of this is in preparation for her to replace Gracie as our Hush Harbor Momma.

Gracie you are amazing! The perfect Alpha Female for our pack and a wonderful Momma!


Mar 14

Gracie’s pups will be 5 weeks old on Monday!



Our puppies are growing up! They are playing, running, and “talking” to each other and our family members. Their families are getting excited because the wait is half way over. It won’t be long before these darlings will go home to be with their forever families.

(I don’t think I want to think about that right now.)

Mar 14

Gracie’s Last Litter turned 4 weeks old!

Four weeks marks the end of one stage and the beginning of another for these pups.

Up until now they have lived in their whelping pan. After their birth it is placed inside of a large kennel that is always left open and has a water bottle attached to it.  This is to allow Momma Gracie the security of knowing that her pups are safe and the luxury of staying with them almost constantly without having to leave them to drink.  After the first two weeks she begins to leave them for short breaks. At 10 days their eyes open and their ears begin to work and they start pushing up to a standing position.  By 4 weeks they are on their feet, trying to run and “talking” to each other as they play fight.They are ready to move from their pan into their Hush Harbor Pack & Play.  The water bottle is put inside with them as is a stool so that Gracie can still come and go as she wishes. They will now also drink from the watr bottle, and sleep without their Momma for long naps. She is never far away but is clearly teaching them that they are able to be a bit more independent of her.

Now things get really fun!!!!!

Mar 14

Roy Jr. is a handfull of love at 3 weeks.


Roy Jr. remains the smallest of his litter, but he has a mighty big personality!

Roy Jr. 3 weeks

He, like the others, is walking in a very slow but sure manner, he stands and looks around and on occasion he “barks” at his litter mates. His left eye has a very slight shadow around it making him appear to have eye shadow on. So far he remains a solid white. We shall see if any of his Poppie’s champaign color begins to show up as Roy matures.

Roy Jr. 3:1


Roy 3Roy Jr. 3:3

Mar 14

Casper gets his footing at 3 weeks old.

Casper 3 weeksThis beautiful baby boy will be named Casper by his new family.  AT three weeks old his hair begins to have that beautiful Havanese wave and shinny luster.  He can stand now and is taking slow but sure steps that get him across the whelping pan to his Mommy.

He is the largest of the pups, for now, and weights 26.6 ounces today.

Happy 3 week Birthday Day Casper!!

Casper weighs 26.6 ounces at 3 weeksCasper with white socks

Mar 14

At 3 weeks old personalities are showing.

This is “Roy Jr.” and his brother Casper.

They are 3 weeks old.

Their eyes are open, they are getting their feet, and they are just darling to watch.

Here they are as they awaken from a long nap. Enjoy!

Roy Jr. remains solid white and his pink skin makes him look like an adorable toy!

Mar 14

Together, forever!!


Elliott's pair:2Brother, on the left known by his litter name of Sparky,

and sister, on the right known as Baby Gracie, will be sticking together.

They will spend the next 6 weeks growing and learning and getting ready to go and live with their new family, TOGETHER!!!


Sparky 3 weeks








Sparky is a sweet little boy. His underside has lots of white but only two rings of it go up onto his back. This will make for a beautiful contrast to his sister, Baby Gracie.Sparky weighs 22 ounces.

Baby Gracie:3 weeks









Like her Mommy, Baby Gracie is black with white chin,a spot under her neck, white toes and a large blaze on her chest.  She is also very delicate looking but difficult to photograph because of her dark coloring. She weighs 20 ounces and is just a bit smaller than her brother.

Elliott's pair:3


They will make a beautiful pair for their loving family of lots of children.

Together forever

Feb 14

SORRY, all four of GRACIE’S Last Litter are now RESERVED!

We are VERY excited!  ALL four of the pups are placed within 6 days of their birth!

This is a new record for Hush Harbor Havanese.

Roy Jr. will go to live with his lady near Cincinnati,

Casper will go to Nixa, MO where he will have his own l6 year old and her whole family,

and Sparkey and Baby Gracie will live together with their new family of 6 children and a stay at home Mommy Person!!

Watch for fun pictures of their development as we get them ready to travel to their new homes when they are 9 weeks old!

Feb 14

Sadie-Joy takes the work of being a loving companion seriously!

I just learned that one of our ‘Hush Harbor” Families” has had some bad news.

Misty wrote, 
“My oldest daughter got in a horrible accident on January 29th. A truck struck her at 50 mph as she was walking across the street in a crosswalk. Sadie the therapy dog to the rescue. It’s all Emma has been asking for.”

Sadie Joy   You may remember her as “Joy” born in Gracie & Poppie’s 2013 litter called “Gracie’s Southern Charms”.

When I try to explain about what makes a Havanese so different, to define their character, I try to explain that they approach life as a “working class” dog.  Their work is to be a loving companion, whatever the circumstances. They take this work VERY seriously! We don’t send them to school to learn this .  Like Sadie, it’s not how they act, it’s WHAT THEY LIVE FOR!!

We are so glad that “Sadie-Joy” takes her “job” so seriously!!

Good Job, Sadie!!


Sadie-Joy at  work