Jan 20



Jun 16

One Week Old-Ellie’s three Boys (Choco’s Tres Amigos) are AVAILABLE!

Contact me at 314-772-4874 for information about this beautiful, all male, AKC litter.TUX- 1 wk- 14oz.

#1-Black male-Tuxedo- “Tux” for short- has a white blaze on his chest, a touch of white on his chin and white toes. He has put on the weight at a healthy pace and now weighs 14 ounces. AVAILABLE


Champ-1 wk- 14.2 oz.


#2-Cream with white markings- male- Champ, short for “champagne” is showing rich think cream coat with touches of white like highlights. He is an eager eater and growing at a good pace. He now weighs 14.2 ounces. AVAILABLE


Scooter-1 wk- 14.3 oz.#3-White with cream markings, Scooter, is showing signs of warm cream coat and white. He remains the largest of his litter but not by much.  As always, Momma Ellie is excellent at evening out the playing field so they are all about the same weight.  sweet Scooter weighs 14.3 ounces at one week and is AVAILABLE.

These darling little boys will open their eyes in a few days. They have had their dew claws removed and they have been examined by our vet and deemed “healty pups”. Their momma Ellie is an excellent Momma and their sire, Choco, is already taking an interest in their progress. Give us a call so that we can answer your questions about these pups. our procedures and our history as home breeders of our Havanese. 314-772-4874


Aug 13

Ellie’s baby girl will be called Bella and will live in St. Louis MO!

Ellie with her little girl


Tomorrow is a big day for Hush Harbor Havanese. Ellie and Roy Perkins will be returning to St. Louis to live with our daughter and son-in-law,Erin & Neal, once more.    And Ellie’s sweet baby girl, who will be called Bella, will go to her new forever family, also in St. Louis.  We will miss them all three, but are also very happy to carry on our Hush Harbor plan for all of our Havanese to  live in our homes as a part of our family , not in a kennel setting.

We began Hush Harbor with our daughter Erin, and we are very happy that she can, once again, have a couple our Havanese living in her home. Our house will seem very quiet when we return from St. Louis, but not for long, I’m sure. Stay tuned 🙂

Aug 13

How our Puppy Palace works.

This is our puppy palace.  Notice two stools- one on the outside and one on the inside.  We call the one on the inside the nursing stool. These allow Momma easy access to her pups to nurse, clean and snuggle. When the Momma begins to wean her pups, she can sit there, out of nursing reach, yet still monitor and play with her pups.  The potty pad is covered with cloth, not paper for shredding by the playful pups.  There is a food bowl, a water bowl but also a water bottle.  The bottle is their favorite at first, similar to nursing, but then they prefer the bowl.  Unfortunately, the bowl gets bumped so the water bottle assures that they always have access to a good clean drink. This Palace has easily served as home base for a litter of 6 but is great for just one precious pup.

Aug 13

RESERVED: Ellie’s Pup is 8 weeks old, and a beauty!!

8-3Ellie’s Pup is now 3.4 pounds. She is right on target for the small side of the standard.  She has a very social personality and loves to play with the adult dogs and her people. She also still loves her naps. She can be ready to travel in just one week.  Call to reserve her with a $500.00 deposit.  314-772-4874.  Don’t miss this last chance for a Hush Harbor Havanese this calendar year.

8-4 8-6 8-8

Jul 13

Hush Harbor’s last pup of 2013-Ellie’s little girl-AVAILABLE

It’s time for our wonderful Momma’s, Gracie & Ellie, to take a break.  This beautiful little girl will be the last pup available this calendar year.


She is for sale now and can be reserved for a $500.00 deposit. She was born on June 6th and will be ready to travel to her new forever family around August 8th. She has an incredible personality both very social with people and other dogs, but also content to be quiet and independent in her own space. She has begun her puppy shots and has been given a good report from all three of her well baby exams from our vet. She is enjoying being the center of attention here at Hush Harbor. Our entire pack and extended family is falling in love with her.  She’ll steal your heart and is sure to fit into her new family. Give us a call at 314-772-4874.

6-4 6-66-3

Jul 13

Ellie’s Pup.

We are ALL havin’ some fun now!!

Jul 13

Ellie’s pup will soon be ready to travel to her new home. Call 314-772-4874 for information about this beautiful AKC Havanese puppy.

Sonny-5-4 Ellie’s pup is eating soft puppy food and doing very well.

She will be ready to travel to her new home around Aug. 8th.

5-2Sonny-35-1  Sonny5-5 She can be reserved with a $500.00 deposit.

Jul 13

FOR SALE call 314-772-4874

Jun 13

Call to find out more about how to reserve Ellie’s pup.


Ellie’s pup MAY be a BELTON PARTI

Ellie’s pup is turning three weeks. Her beautiful silky Havanese hair is coming in thick and full.  She is trying to walk and stand. As you saw on this video, she has even tried to bark.  Part of the fun of Havanese is that their coat coloring and markings are always a surprise.  They can change frequently in their lifetime.  Ellie’s pup  is no exception.







Her black mask and ears are staying well shaped and the white around her nose gives her face definition.  But, to our surprise, she is developing spots.  What was once solid white is becoming MORE & MORE spotted!!  I think rather than an extreem piedbald(solid color), She may be a Belton(spotted) Parti (a second color that  parts the dominate solid color)?  Time will tell.  Regardless, she is adorable!!!

Jun 13

Ellie’s pup is getting her feet.

Ellie’s pup is 17 days old here.  Her eyes are open and she is “on the move.”

There is nothing quite as sweet as the purr of a baby Havanese  or as exciting as their first bark here at Hush Harbor Havanese.

Notice that she appears to have black thumbprints on his back, as if held by someone with ink on their hands. No, that’s not dirt or ink. It seems that she  is going to be a white & black Belton Parti. A Belton has black spots in various sizes in random places. The patterns and density of those spots may change through out his life.  This is all part of why Havanese are so much fun. Marking and colors can change several times in their lifetime. While her “spots” will no doubt change I expect her to keep her black mask and ears..

She can be reserved with a $500.00 deposit that is applied to her final contract.  She will be ready to travel to her forever family around August 8th.

Jun 13

Only ONE puppy available-

2wks. and resting

Ellie’s pup is two weeks old. She will be ready to be released to her new family around Aug. 8th.  She is white with black mask and seems to be developing little black spots on her back.

She is eating, resting, crawling and growing.  Her eyes opened on Father’s Day, June 16th.


She is the only puppy Hush Harbor has available. To reserve her requires a $500.00 deposit.

Give us a call at 314-772-4874 so we can get to know you and tell you about this beautiful Havanese  AKC puppy.



Jun 13

Ellie’s pup is growing and maturing right on schedule!!

This was a big weekend for Ellie’s pup-she hit the 1lb. mark.  Her eyes will open any day now, and then she will begin to be even more mobile.  She sleeps for long spells undisturbed and loves to be snuggled. These are both signs of a healthy and content puppy.

10days old.

10days-710days-610 days-110days-2



Jun 13

Ellie’s pup is thriving!!

1 week-3


Elegant Ellie Perkins has a beautiful little  pup. She is one week old.  

She is developing tiny black dots, like ink drops in several places on her back.

She may well be a BELTON PARTI, time will tell.

1 week-2



She is thriving and growing at about one ounce a day. She is very strong and mobile already.



Her black mask and ears are nearly perfect and set off his stunning silky white Havanese coat.  She is precious to us already!!

1 week-1

Jun 13

Thursday, June 6th at 2:40 PM Ellie gave birth to her BEAUTIFUL puppy!!!

It’s been a long wait, but well worth it! Ellie had a BEAUTIFUL white female with perfect black mask and ears. While we were surprised that she only had one pup, we are thrilled with this beautiful healthy little girl.  There were no complications in her delivery and she is a natural Momma.

P1100338  Ellie’s pup  is doing well P1100342and resting with her mommy today.

She is a loving and attentive Momma.     We are sure to spoil this spectacular little pup.

Good job Ellie!!!P1100354