Jun 13

Hush Harbor Havanese is waiting for its next litter of puppies!

Ellie Perkins, Gracie’s half sister, is due to deliver any time now!

Want to be on our waiting list? Send us your email address or give us a call at  314-772-HUSH (772-4874).

While you wait for the exciting news, take a moment to see some of our pups from past litters. We hope you enjoy the watching of this as much as we enjoyed the making.

(BTW: The song, “You’ve Got A Friend” is used with permission via Apple iPhoto.)

Apr 12

You’ve Got A Friend

This is a short video featuring puppies from Gracie’s first litter, the Sweets!

*Notice the two solid chocolates in this litter, Chip & Ghiradelli.  We  now have Choco Latte, grandson of Gracie, son of Ghiradelli in this first litter.  Choco will be paired with Elegant Ellie Perkins.  Like our Gracie, Ellie is also of the Seigreich line.Will this new pair produce  more solid chocolates at Hush harbor Havanese?  We hope so!!

Stay tuned to the website blog for updates – HushHarborHavanese.com.

(BTW: The song, “You’ve Got A Friend” is used with permission via Apple iPhoto.)

Jul 10

Puppy food??

To celebrate their 4 week birthday the puppies were given their first taste of “puppy mush”. Gracie was ready for them to add a bit of variety to their menu. They tore right into to it, then played with their new toys. They then fell into a deep contented sleep.

Jul 10

Moving Day at 3 weeks.

We’ve all been very busy getting ready to move the pups today.

Step by step, with Mommy Gracie’s help, we prepared the new space.

Then, very carefully, we moved each pup in with Gracie.

Now, everyone can see the pups for the first time. The pups have spent their first 3 weeks safe and snug in their whelping pan.

But with eyes open and first steps, they are ready for a bit more room.

And then, a nice long nap! Whew, that was exhausting!

Jul 10

New “Larger Apartment”

The puppies moved from their first small home, the 2×4 crate, into a larger and more spacious unit. The bedroom is about the same size, but the kids have more room to run in the new place! Moving on up!


Jul 10

Growing healthy puppies!

Gracie’s litter continues to sleep, and eat, and squeak, and crawl and grow. Their weight gain ranges from 70-90% increase since their birth. Their eyes should begin to open in just a couple of days. They are like soft warm little balls to hold. Precious.

Jun 10

Another Good Night’s Sleep!

And so Gracie continues to take her time, eating very little, and getting ready! I think she just likes all of the attention!!

Jun 10

Happy Father’s Day!

We keep telling Gracie that today would be a REALLY GOOD DAY, cause Poppy would enjoy being the Poppie on Father’s Day.

We are grateful for the past three nights sleep, but READY!!
Encouraging news….her temp started dropping this morning!! That is the sign we have been looking for!!
It could still be a VERY long day and night!!

Have a fun day, and “stay tuned”!

Jun 10

Another day to wait……..

and wait…….
and rest,

and eat small meals,
and stay cool,
and rest,

and just wait some more!!

Jun 10

Gracie and Popie wait for the arrival of their pups!

Today there was little to do other than WAIT! Gracie and Popie did just that. She continues to move about, eat well and seems to be in good spirits. Her little tummy is not so little anymore and she certainly begins to look ready to deliver. In the meantime, she frequently checks out her whelping pan by climbing in and re-arranging the bedding. She then gets out and finds a cool place to lay…and wait. Popi keeps smelling her, because he knows “something is about to happen!” And so..we all wait!

Jun 10

Gracie is restless!

We are coming down to the last few days before Grace delivers her litter! She is very restless and keeps her eye on me at all times. She frequently needs to come and snuggle, but then becomes uncomfortable and needs to change positions. She’s enjoying frequent meals of high protein. Her xray is Tuesday. That will tell us the exact number of pups. We will spend this weekend getting the whelping pan out and placed in under the dinning room table. That way she can nest in quiet but still be under our constant observation. She’s still very active, so I am confident that we have a few more days to wait…………….