Mar 13

Waiting for little eyes to open…

Barkley Barkley- male   10 days old   15.4 ounces



Deacon-male  10 days old  16.6 ounces


Joy_Joy-female  10 days old  14.9 ounces

These puppies will be ready to travel to their new homes on  May 22

A deposit must be placed in order to hold your pup.

Call for more information at 314-772-4874

Mar 13

Gracie does some re-arranging as her litter matures.

As Gracie’s Southern Charms begin their second week, Gracie is making some changes.

Gracie is very busy getting her pups onto a feeding schedule. Here she is setting up her nursery so that she can feed the pups then move herself to the other side of the ridge she has created in the bedding. This way she can snuggle and clean the pups without them having access to constant nursing. I assist her with clean bedding frequent meals for Mom and lots of hugs and encouragement, but SHE cares for the pups and their nest. She comes and goes freely from the crate and is in TOTAL charge!!

Mar 13

Gracie’s Southern Charms are 1 week old!

Barkley, Deacon & Joy are thriving.  They have each gained 2 ounces this week.  They are now resting independently of their Momma giving us time to get her a nice hot bath.  With Poppa Poppie watching her  she got a quick blow-dry and she was off to change diapers and feed those little puppies.  Never mind that they were quite fine in her absence.  She is one determined Momma!!

Spa day


Mar 13

Meet Gracie’s Southern Charms

Day 2


Introducing the litter of two males and one female in their birth order
from top to bottom:


Here they are, two days old today.
They just returned from the vet where they had their dew claws removed
and got an all clear for their general health.

Momma Gracie was glad to get them home
and situated for another day of rest.

Mar 13

Gracie has delivered three beautiful puppies!!!


GRACIE went into labor yesterday evening after showing all of the classic signs throughout the day.

She delivered the largest pup first at 9:24 PM- a white male.

Second at 10:00 PM she delivered a black male with all of her white markings.

At 12:30 AM she delivered another white but this time a little girl.Birth of 2013 litter 3:19:2013

And so, we have three delightful puppies, all resting today with their wonderful Momma Gracie.  We will weight & take portraits of all later this evening.


GRACIE’S March litter of 2013 HAS ARRIVED!!!!!!!!

Mar 13

Gracie is waiting in her whelping pan.

Gracie waiting in her whelping pan


Gracie has another week of waiting before her delivery.  When we got her whelping pan out she began to wag her tail and smile.  I put fresh linen into it, which she promptly rearranged, and she jumped right in.  She is right by my chair in the living room.  When she is not in her pan she is on my lap snuggled in and just as warm as a heater.  Everything looks good.  Next weekend will be quite different here at Hush Harbor.  I think we will have three or four new little puppies by then 🙂 We have already had a few calls about this litter.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to be on our waiting list.

Mar 13

Gracie is Expecting Again


Gracie had her xray today.  The vet saw three, maybe four, puppies. Of course we knew she was expecting from that poochy little tummy and constant smile on her face!

 Gracie is in excellent condition, as always, but we did discuss the fact that it may be time for Gracie’s breeding days to come to an end. This is something we will have to consider after this litter.

So, if you have been interested in having a wonderful “Gracie & Poppie Puppy” this litter may be it.  Her puppies are due in a couple of weeks, around March 22.  Don’t hesitate to call us in order to get your name on the waiting list.

Poppi (white dog on right) is the proud papa. He is now sticking pretty close to Grace as they begin the wait.


For information on the waiting list,

or just to talk about these bundles of Havanese joy,

contact Karen at hushharborhavanese dotcom

or call 314 dash 772 HUSH (3147724874)