Aug 12

Ma’ Belle is HOME!!!

This little lady is doing VERY well with her forever family. WE have seen video of her playing in her living room and it is VERY obvious that she is one happy little girl.  Her “Daddy Person” put it very simply:

She is home now!

She is a very smart !
She wants to please and wants to be one of the guys!
We love her! Nancy is is so happy!
We kinda have her spoiled !
But , hey thats alright!

Jul 12

Little Miss Ma’ Belle is on her way HOME :)


This precious little character is on her way to her loving family near Lake Charles, LA.

(Notice that she is learning to put all kinds of things on her potty pad.)

She is now 9 weeks old but remains very petite at 2.75 pounds. She  has been the clown of her litter. We are going to miss her but are thrilled  to hear the excitment in the voices of her family. May Belle, you have been a joy for us.  Stay in touch sweet baby girl:)

Jun 12

May Belle is going to live in Lake Charles, Louisiana

This precious little gal is very busy learning how to play, drink from the water bottle and interact with the adult dogs and people of our family. She stills prefers to nurse but is being given “puppy mush” several times a day so she can aquire a taste for it. She loves to be held.

Jun 12

May Belle at 3 weeks -last pup AVAILABLE from this litter.


Sweet little May Belle remains the smallest of her litter, but that does not slow her down. She was the first to walk. She is very sweet and loves to be snuggled. Notice how her black “necklace” around the back of her neck is feathering in with her beautiful silky white hair.

May 12

Belle at two and one half weeks old.

Miss May Belle remains the smallest of her litter , but by a very small margin. Her eyes are open and she is moving with a determination that shows that she is very strong. She is pulling up to her feet so that she appears to be at a “slow motion march.”  Her black spots still form a narrow black necklace around the back of her neck.

A very pretty and delicate little girl, indeed!


May 12

Sweet May Belle- 12 days old!


Little May Belle is one content little puppy!


She is still the smallest of her litter, but only by  a very small margin.

She moves about well and, most exciting of all, her eyes are opened!!

I’m already having to remind my daughter/partner, Erin, that May Belle IS still for sale. 🙁

May 12

Meet May Belle from The Litter of 3!

  This is May Belle. She is a beautiful white & black Parti-Mix. Notice the delicate black “collar” around her white neck. She is the smallest of the litter but gaining weight at the same pace as her brother & sister. She is a precious little lady!