Aug 12

Isabella flew home today!

What a joy it has been to have Isabella stay with us for a few extra days!

She flew out this morning and has landed in Florida.

We just heard that she arrived safe and sound. 

Now it will be fun to wait for her “family pictures.”

We love you Isabella!


Jun 12

Bonnie at 3 weeks is RESERVED



 Little Bonnie is wide eyed and on the move.

She is getting stronger everyday.

She loves to be held close and enjoyed being held last night for about two hours.  While she seemed to enjoy being snuggled by me, I think I was the one who had the most fun!!



May 12

Bonnie at two and one half weeks old.

Bonnie’s eyes are open and her ears are coming up. Her coloring remains cream & champagne or caramel.  She is just a bit larger than her sister but smaller than her borther.  She is one pretty little lass.

May 12

Bonnie at 12 days old.


Sweet Bonnie’s eyes are opened up to her bright new world. She is pushing up onto her feet and is becoming quite mobile. Her coloring remains stunning- She is a beauty!  She, like her sister & brother, sleeps well and is quite content.

May 12

Meet Bonnie from The Litter of 3!

Bonnie is, indeed, a wee little lass.

She will look like her sister from a past Gracie litter, Fiji and her brothers Nicholas and Buddy. She is eating VERY well and is navigating on her own in order to find her choice faucet. She is stunning!!