Apr 19

Our 2018 litter is now 3 months old❤️

Jun 18

No puppies Available at this time

This is a first for Hush Harbor Havanese-
It seems our Momma Lucie’s pregnancy was a false alarm.
To those on our waiting list, we regret that there will be more “waiting” for our next HHH litter.
Lucie is her old playful self and we will adjust our breeding plans in order to maintain the health of our adults AND any future litters.
Please, feel free to contact me at
Karen at HushHarbor dot org
for more information.

Sep 16

No puppies AVAILABLE at this time- sorry.


While Poppa Poppie (left) is perfectly willing to sire another litter img_9082now,  we believe it best for Momma Lucie (right) to take a break. She is in heat now, but we are working hard to keep her from breeding. Of course we love producing our beautiful Havanese puppies, but our pack is part of our family. Their health always comes first! So, Momma Lucie is resting and we will most likely allow Poppie and her to breed next heat in 6 months, around mid-March. That means we may have another litter of beautiful Poppie/Lucie Havanese in late May- ready to go to their new homes in August. Great timing because it allows you to take those summer trips but get your puppy before the Fall rush hits. Feel free to join our growing waiting list by sending us an email telling us how to best reach you. And of course, we always enjoy having a phone conversation  in order to get to know you and what you are looking for in your new “family member.”

Meanwhile, I encourage you to scroll back through ALL of our past litters. I think after you do you will agree that Hush Harbor Havanese really ARE “so much more than just a cute little dog”!




Stay in touch!

Jul 16

Hush Harbor Havanese has no more pups AVAILABLE.

Once again, all of our pups have been placed before they celebrate their 5th week.

The 4 pups from Lucie’s litter and the 3 from Ellie’s are ALL RESERVED!

We are blessed to know that they have each found their forever homes.  We will spend the next month working to:   socialize them, start them on their puppy vaccinations, monitor their food,  regulate their play time and help them adjust to the use of their potty pad.

Our pack of adult Havanese will teach them to be well behaved Havanaese.  Their Momma Lucie and big sister Millie will spend hours playing and conducting puppy pre-school, as will Momma Ellie and Daddy Chaco with their litter.

Then, when they turn 9 weeks we say good-bye.  We are able to do so because by then we will have made new Hush Harbor Family friends.  We will hae had many conversations and discussions and gotten to know the new family members as our own friends. How can we NOT spread the joy of our Hush Harbor Havanese with these expectant new friends??

If you would like to join our, already begun, waiting list for our next season of pup next spring, please contact us here at Karen.HushHarborHavanese.com.


Patches and his three sisters!

Jul 16

Champ- turned 4 weeks on July 4th. He is AVAILABLE!

Champ 7:1-4

He will be released to his forever Family on Aug. 8th. Call 314-772-4874.

Champ 7:1-3Champ 7-1

Jul 16

Scooter turns 4 weeks old on July 4th. He is RESERVED!

Scooter 2

He will be released to his forever family on Aug. 8th.

Jun 16

Only TWO pups still AVAILABLE from Ellie’s Litter!

Champ, on the left, has more champagne and Scooter, right, is solid white.

Both Champ & Scooter These brothers look similar in coloring.

Champ has a bit more champagne highlighting, especially on his head.






  Scooter is more solid white.

Scooter 2



Call now for more information about thee two beautiful males.


Jun 16

Beautiful Baby Bella from Lucie’s third litter is RESERVED!

Bella 4 weeks

This beautiful female is now four weeks old.  She is eating puppy mush four times a day and nursing well.  She loves to play with her litter mates and older sister.  She has been seen to use her potty pad, but that was coincidence.  She will slowly begin to learn to to there for potty. She will be ready to travel to her new home in FIVE weeks!!IMG_9706IMG_9750



Jun 16

Ellie’s boys- Champ & Scooter- are AVAILABLE!

Champ (on the left) Scooter (on the right)

Champ (left) & Scooter (right)


Scooter, the white with cream highlights.Scooter- white male




His brother Champ, the creamIMG_9674






Brother, Tux, black with white chest, toes and chin is also RESERVED.

He will be called Louie!IMG_9669





Because we have several inquiries, we can not hold a pup without a $500.00 deposit. Give me a call at 314-772-4874 so that I can answer all of your questions about Hush Harbor, our procedures and our pups!

Jun 16

Lucie’s Litter- 3 weeks old- is nearly ready to be moved from their whelping pan.

Our puppies open their eyes at about 10 days and “get their legs” soon after.  This means that they spend a little more time, each day, navigating around their warm clean whelping pan. It doesn’t take much to wear them out, and so they still spend the majority of their time nursing and sleeping. By the end of the third week, they begin to have spurts of energy. They move more quickly, they make expressive noises and they relate to each other in new ways. It’s a difficult call as to when to move them to their new situations because they seem to be bored one moment and then, sure enough, they pass out. I have learned that any change creates stress for the pups.  So, I will take my time and be sure they are ready before I change their setting.  But get ready- once they begin to move around in their Puppy Palace, it REALLY gets fun here at Hush Harbor!!

Three of these four pups are RESERVED.

Only the Black & White female from this litter is AVAILABLE.IMG_9546


Call for information about her at 314-772-4874



Jun 16

Only one female pup left- Bella from Lucie’s Litter.


IMG_9474 This sweet little girl will most likely remain Black & White Irish Pied. She is now 17 days old and becoming quite able to crawl and slow walk in order to find her Momma!!

She is a beautiful little gal!

Jun 16

Ellie & Choco’s litter is 9 days old.


All three males are AVAILABLE.IMG_9431

Left to Right:

Cream with white highlights, Champ

Black with white chin, chest and toes, Tux

White with cream highlights, Scooter.

Jun 16

Lucie’s Memorial Day Litter is beginning to open their eyes!!

SORRY- only one of these pups is still AVAILABLE!


Lil’ Sister is Cream with White markings: RESERVED

Lil Sister's eyes are opened 11 daysside view of Lil Sister

Hers were the first eyes to open of the litter! Her coloring is a warm champagne with white markings.



Beautiful Bella is Black with White markings: AVAILABLE 

This is our only female pup still AVAILABLE.


Bella is moving about with great strength butBEAUTIFUL BELLA her eyes are not yet opened. Anytime now!!




To learn about our pups, our procedures and how to reserve one, give us a call at-314-772-4874.


Jun 16

Ellie’s three boys (Choco’s Tres Amigos) are resting well after having their dew claws removed!

These three beautiful little boys are AVAILABLE.Scooter, Champ & Tux

From left to right: Scooter (white), Champ (for champagne), and Tux (black with a white chest).  All three are AVAILABLE.

Tres Amigos- 6 days


Jun 16

We are Happy to Introduce Ellie’s & Choco’s Litter of 3!

#3 Litter*-Two Days Old

Meet Ellie & Choco’s Three Boys- From top to bottom they are Black, White and Cream.


Each of them gained an ounce over night and are equally competitive for the best faucet 🙂

At this time all three are AVAILABLE. For more information please give me a call at 314-772-4874. We will begin to take more photos, but for now, we want all of this little family to have lots of peace and quiet.IMG_9301