Jun 12

Moving Day at 4 weeks old!

Today was a big day for Gracie and her pups. All were moved from their whelping pan and into their play pen. The pups now weigh about 5 times their birth weight. Beau weighs  33 ounces and both little girls weigh 27 ounces.  They are open eyed, up on their feet and learning to play and “bark” at each other.  The extra space is well used.

We placed them into this hand basket while we set up the play pen. On the outside of the pen is a foot stool so Momma Gracie can jump up to enter the pen. On the inside of the pen we place another stool, called the nursing stool. This is how Gracie jumps into the pen. It is also the post from which she can observe her pups without being available for nursing. In this way she is present but NOT constantly available for  feeding. She is more controling of their nursing time. We now introduce “Puppy Mush” to the pups.  So far they do not care for it, but soon, they will aquire a taste and Gracie will begin the long process of weaning. Lots of fun to watch as the personalities of the pups begins to reveal themselves. Sweet, sweet babies and devoted Momma!! Gracie continues to just snuggle and love on them even when all are sleeping. Precious!

May 12

All clean and resting at 12 days old.


Today it was time for Momma Gracie’s bath. She seemed to enjoy it. Once she was dry I let her return to her pups, that were sound asleep in their whelping pan. She came and got me, took me to them and refused to get in. Clearly, she was all clean but the pups linen was not.  So sorry Gracie! I just hadn’t gottn to that daily ritual quite yet.

I took the pups out, placed them into their small basket and then Gracie and I went together to get clean linen. She watched as I changed the bedding, never even concerned about her pups. Once I’d finished, she jumped into the pan and waited. As I returned the three pups she smiled. Guess I got it right. She then cleaned each pup and settled in for a nice rest. Whew! I guess it’s universal- NOTHING feels quite as good as a nice warm bath and clean sheets 🙂

May 12

Sweet sleep for all at 6 days.

Notice that Gracie has pushed the bedding up around her pups like a bunting. Now that her milk has come in, she has them on a strict schedule so that they don’t nurse constantly. They are sleeping well with full little bellies. So is she! She even comes in to be with her “people” for short visits now that the “kids” are resting on their own. Amazing!!

May 12

Three at 3 days have gained three ounces each!

Gracie is on “full time duty”!        She spends every moment with her pups rotating them for eating, cleaning and cuddling. She takes only a moment for her outside business and rushes back to them. They now rest quietly on their own with full little tummies.

She is a champ!!

May 12

Our new litter has arrived!!!!!!

Three precious pups!


Gracie delivered her 3 precious pups this morning. She spent from 4-7 this morning in her whelping pan. The first to arrive was the beautiful black male. He has white stockings on all 4 legs up to his knees, a perfect blaze on the top of his head, a white chest, and a white tip on his black tail. Next came a little female, white and black Parti-Mix. Her markings make it look like she has on a collar. And finally, a little white female. At this point it’s hard to tell whether she is white or cream. All are nursing well.  Gracie is already busy rotating then, constantly cleaning and cuddling them.  The rest of the pack is very curious, but keeping their distance.  It’s a very Happy Day at Hush Harbor Havanese!!!

Nov 11

Gracie’s Joy

Gracie delivered 5 beautiful puppies on Oct. 31. She had two females-Merry & Carol, and three males-Yule, Nicholas and Frankie. She spent the first three days with them constantly. She rotated them so that each one got to eat plenty and yet had a turn being held between her front paws. She then began to form a nest with towels so that she could swaddle them but take a break from feeding constantly. She seemed to get them onto a schedule. Now, she leaves the whelping pan for up to an hour at a time, but is always near to watch and reorganize them . She is amazing!!