Mar 11

Olly is SOLD

We are very happy that Olly will be living in New Jersey with his big brother Boo and big sister Fiji. He will be a wonderful playmate for them!

Mar 11

And now it’s just Bud & Olly!

Bud and Olly will be staying with us for a while. But before long Bud will travel to his new home in Maine and Olly will travel to New Jersey. Until then, we will enjoy snuggling, playing, and cuddling with this precious pair!

Mar 11

Olly is Reserved.

Olly is going to live with his brother and sister from Gracie’s last litter.        He will be our 7th puppy to move to New Jersey!!!

Mar 11

Olly is a lovable eight weeks old!

Olly is still the litter clown. He loves to play and see what he can find to do inside his “Puppy playpen.” He looks so much like his brother Gilly, that they are like twins.  He is just one ounce under 3 pounds. He’s a very sweet and loving little guy.

Feb 11

Olly is a very playful fellow!!

Olly is the litter clown. He is always the first to initiate a new new game or try something new. He loves to look around the play pen, just in case there is something he missed. He loves to be held and is a very sweet little guy. His coat is rich and full and he, like his brother Gilly, is a picture perfect Parti-Mix. He will be ready for his new family in mid-March.

Jan 11

Olly is a character, already!

This alert little guy has figured out how to sit back on his haunches, take a look around and give out a little baby “bark”! He is strong and loves to move around, but he is also very calm and snuggly. He is the smallest of the three brothers weighing 1 pound 5 ounces, but he is not about to be left behind!! One loveable little puppy!

See Olly’s video

Jan 11

Olly is two weeks old!!

This little guy just gets “cuter.” His button nose contrasts with the

three black spots down his back. His fur is thick and feathery already.

He is a beauty.

Jan 11

Olly Olleander

Olly has opened his eyes. He is moving around on his own, more and more. His hair is coming in very silky, true to the Havanese of his line!

Jan 11

Olly- Puppy #6 from Gracie’s Spring Bouquet

This little boy is a beautiful Parti-Mix. He appears to be a white dog with a black mask, three

black spots down his back and a white tip on his black tail.