Mar 11

Ginger is SOLD and now lives in West Virginia

Sweet little Miss Gingersnaps is now at her new home. She was the first to leave the litter. She made her car trip just fine and is dearly loved by her new forever family!

Mar 11

Ginger is RESERVED

Miss Gingershaps is going to live in West Virginia!  Such a little bitty girl and such a big yard! YEA!!

Mar 11

Gingersnaps, a pretty little Miss.

Little Ginger Snaps is 8 weeks old today. Her undercoat is getting lighter and her black tips now serve as her highlights around her face, ears and on her feet and tail. She is the smallest of the litter at 2 pounds 1 ounce. (But don’t tell her she is small!!  She can keep up with her two sisters and all three brothers!!)

Feb 11

Ginger Snaps is a pretty little Brindle!

Ginger Snaps is a beautiful Brindle. Her undercoat is light and may be a carmel and the black tips will remain as a stunning highlight. She is much  like her Poppa “Poppie”. She is smaller than her three brothers, but quite able to hold her own. She is eating dry food and still nursing a bit so she will be ready for her new home by mid-March!

Jan 11

Ginger is turning light in her undercoat.

Ginger’s dark brindle highlights give her a very dramatic look. Her undercoat is turning light, cream or carmel, just as we predicted. We expect her to resemble her sire, Poppy,  her sister Dandi and brother Jazz from past litters. She is the largest of the females and weighs 1 pound 4 ounces. Baby weight at this age is no guarantee of adult size. Momma Gracie has normally had all of her pups weighing nearly the same by the time they are ready to go to their forever homes!!

Watch her video

Jan 11

Ginger is bright eyed at two weeks.

Sweet little Ginger is beautiful with her eyes highlighted by lighter fur and dark muzzle. As she grows her tobacco brown color remains.

She has white toes and a tiny bit of white goatee.

Jan 11

Ginger is slowly opening her eyes.

Baby girl Ginger remains very brown looking.

The black markings on her face look like makeup carefully applied .

She is gaining weight, nursing very well and becoming more precious each day!! Her eyes are not quite opened yet.

Jan 11

Ginger-Puppy #5 from Gracie’s Spring Bouquet

Ginger is a precious little girl. She has her mother’s white chest and her father’s (brindle) black tips and face.

Being Havanese, she may retain her Havana Brown coloring for life or, like her sire Poppy, she may lighten up as her hair grows out to a cream color with black tips!