Mar 11

And now it’s just Bud & Olly!

Bud and Olly will be staying with us for a while. But before long Bud will travel to his new home in Maine and Olly will travel to New Jersey. Until then, we will enjoy snuggling, playing, and cuddling with this precious pair!

Mar 11

“Rose” Bud, just Bud, is now RESERVED!

Bud, or Buddy, is RESERVED.  He will be living in Maine!

Feb 11

At seven weeks “Rose” Bud is a classic beauty!!

“Rose” Bud is a very gentle and quiet little guy.  He loves to romp and play with his litter,

but also enjoys just curling up for a quiet rest. His coat is rich and long and very silky.

He is the classic “little white” Havanese with his cream colored ears making him quite handsome!

Jan 11

“Rose” Bud just gets more handsome!!

Bud is the largest of his litter at 1 pound 8 ounces. He is also a wonderfully cuddly little guy! His strength and coordination is developing each day and he is becoming very mobile. The champaign highlights on the side of his face extends onto his ears. This creats a very dramatic and sweet effect. (He melts my heart!)

Watch his video.

Jan 11

“Rose” Bud is trying to get his footing!

The cream color on the sides of Bud’s face & ears create a beautiful effect.

The rest of his body remains white. He is a big boy topping out over one     pound and he is just about to take his first steps.

Jan 11

Bud- first of his litter to open his eyes!!

Bud continues to thrive. His eyes opened today. His white fur is getting thick and silky and the cream tones around his face create a very dramatic affect. He is the classic “little white dog” refered to in Havanese history.

Jan 11

Bud- Puppy #4 from Gracie’s Spring Bouquet

Okay his litter name is really Rose Bud, but please, just call him Bud!

This little guy is the classic white Havanese with cream highlights. He is a beautiful example of the famous “little white dogs” referred to in the history of the Havanese.