Mar 11

Camy, secod to leave her litter, is SOLD.

Little Miss Camy was second to leave the litter. She will go to work with her “Mommy Person” and enjoy living right here in St. Louis. We look forward to seeing her, and her new family, for ocassional visits!

Mar 11

Camy is SOLD

Feb 11

Camy-RESERVED- Seven weeks

Baby girl Camy is going to see her new Mommy and Daddy person tonight. They are coming over for a little visit. She will go home with them in just a couple of weeks! She’s almost ready!!

Jan 11

Camy has her forever family and she’s their Valentine!!

Camy knows she has her family. She is busy getting ready to go home to them.  Only 6 more weeks!

Jan 11

RESERVED-Camy at two weeks old.

She’s still petite at 14 ounces, but she’s ready to go. With her eyes open

she is trying to take a step. She’s alert, silky and cuddly.

She’s a sweet girl!! And beautiful!!

Jan 11

Reserved- Camy has opened her eyes!!

Baby girl Camy remains very brown looking. The black markings served as highlights. She is doing well. Her new family is getting excited, already!!

Jan 11

RESERVED- Camy Camomile- no longer available

This is Camy. A sweet little girl with a chocolate brown spot at the base of her tail and on her head. Her markings and color make her a very special girl.

Her mask and ears have black around the edges. Her little nose is very pink at this point. We will watch very carefully to see if it turns chocolate or black. Only then can we tell if she is a true chocolate. Time will tell.