Mar 11

Gilly Silky Spring is SOLD

Gilly now lives with his new family. He was the fourth to leave the litter. He now has his own family in his own house right here in St. Louis! While we will miss him, we are very happy for him.

Mar 11

Gilly is now RESERVED.

Gilly will be living in St. Louis.  We are so excited!!!

Mar 11

Gilly is eight weeks old, and sweeter thanever!

Gilly is now the big boy of the litter.  He weighs 3.4 pounds at 8 weeks. He has clearly liked the puppy fodd and has grown a lot in the last two weeks. He is a sweet disposition and very playful.  (Quite the lover, just like his Poppa Poppy.)

Feb 11

Gilly is seven weeks old now!

Gilly is now 7 weeks old. He remains a very gentle spirit, but he loves to play. His beautiful Havanese silky coat has come in full and  soft. He is now eating dry puppy food but still nurses a couple of times a day. Momma Gracie will have him fully weaned in a few days. He will be ready for his new family in mid-March.

Jan 11

Gilly is on his feet at 3 weeks.

We thought Gilly would just stay put inside the fancy heart, but we were wrong.

He looked around and took off for a “walk about” over the edge and all around the table.

I think he is looking for his forever family for Valentine’s Day!

He weighed in at 1 pound 6 ounces.

He has also learned to bark! He is a big boy now!!!

Watch his video.

Jan 11

Gilly is two weeks old!!

With eyes opened Gilly is taking his first attempt at steps.

He reached the one pound mark and is growing beautiful

silky fur. He’s a sweetheart!

Jan 11

Gilly’s eyes are opening!- Puppy #1

In the last few days Gilly has gained weight, putting him on par with the others at 12.3 ounces. His eyes are just opening. He wiggles, eats, and cuddles up with his litter mates to rest. Pretty sweet.

Jan 11

Gilly-puppy #1

Meet Gilly. First born of Gracie’s Spring Bouquet litter. This little guy is a beautiful white & black Parti-Mix.

He has a perfect black mask, white tail, black spot at the base of his tail and two black saddle-bag spots on his back. He is a real sweetheart.