Jun 20


We plan to breed our chocolate pair in October.

Hush Harbor Havanese has had many requests for our pups in the past couple of weeks. We suggest that you ask to be added to our “will contact” list. Forward us a short description describing the home our pup would be coming to and your preferred contact Information.

How long does it take?

Breed in October.  Whelp 9 weeks later. Pups are ready to leave Hush Harbor in 9 more weeks. (early Feb?) Up to date puppy shots, dew claws removed and well socialized by our Havanese pack and our human family too❣️🐶 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾
Warning- our pups go fast. Our entire litter is normally RESERVED by three weeks.

Let’s stay in touch🐶

May 12

Anytime now…………

We are all waiting.  Gracie is eating, moving about well and still smiling. No sign of the new pups yet. Could be just anytime though 🙂

Mar 12

We will have another litter of Gracie’s precious puppies-May 5

Our “sweet” Gracie is having pups again. SURPRISE!

She and our little sire, Poppy, managed to see to it that we will NOT be taking a break this spring …but… we will be having another beautiful litter of Havanese around May 5th.
Because this is two litters in a row for Gracie we will be taking measures to prevent her from having another litter this year. If you know that you want a pup from Gracie & Poppy, now is the time.
We just returned from the OBGYN Vet. We saw at least 5 pups on the ultrasound. The vet says that Gracie is very healthy and obviously handles her role very well:)
She literally walks around with a smile on her face!
If you already know what you are looking for, I’d suggest that you let me know now. I have several folks on the waiting list. Once the pups have arrived I will be taking deposits to hold the dog of your choice until they are ready to travel to you at 9 weeks.
Feel free to give me a call at 314-772-4874
Right now, we just wait.  Due date is May 5th.
So, ready or not….here we go.    Spread the word 🙂
We hope to have all of these pups placed by the time they are ready to travel the 1st week of July.

Feb 12

We have an exciting announcement!!!

Here is our exciting announcement….

CHOCO- is our beautiful new little chocolate male. He is seven months old and will be a permanent part of the Hush Harbor Havanese Pack. Notice his amber eyes and chocolate eye rims, lips and nose. His cream color highlights look like brush strokes placed in all the right places to include his eyebrows. He is a beautiful boy and has a precious personality!! We have fallen in love!!!

Dec 11

Havanese Puppies For Sale

We only have ONE puppy left from our litter, “Gracie’s Joy.”

YULE is a small Brindle carmel/cream. He is still available. Take a look at his personal blog.

Give us a call or send us an email if you would like to know more about this beautiful little Havanese.

Scroll down for MORE video and photos of our Hush Harbor Havanese Puppies For Sale! 

Our family has a new litter of Havanese puppies. These little 4-legged treasures will be ready for delivery right after Christmas*. You won’t find a better companion dog than a Havanese! While new to the US, they are an ancient breed with roots in Cuba. Our puppies are registered APRI, with Champions in their pedigrees. These bundles of joy were born in our house and are being raised in our family room, near the TV and the dinner table. They get snuggled and loved on many times a day, and are learning to play with the adult members of our pack. As precious as they are, and even though we get quite attached to them, we are offering these Havanese puppies for sale. You can see individual puppies from this litter by following the links on the right.  Contact us soon to reserve your bundle of joy. Let Hush Harbor Havanese help you have a blessed Christmas!


* Usually we ship at 9 weeks, which for this litter is around January 3rd. For a Christmas surprise, work with us to reserve your favorite now. We’ll send you a photo essay of your puppy, and you can slip that into your special someone’s Christmas stocking. As soon as your pup is ready (usually at 9 weeks), we can deliver or ship it to you anywhere in the USA (transportation costs not included in base price). Then begins your lifetime of fun with your precious Havanese.

Dec 11

Only two pups from this litter are still available.

Merry- small black female. 

Yule- small cream brindle male